Picture of Beauty / Прекрасна картина (2017)

Български субтитри
  • Режисьор:
    Maxim Ford
  • В ролите:
    Ernestyna Winnicka, Joanna Sobocinska, Magdalena Bochan-Jachimek, Amer Riad El Muafy, Pawel Hajnos, Taylor Sands, Danielle Rose, Joanna Mazewska
  • Държава:
  • Времетраене:
    70 мин.
  • IMDb:
  • Жанр/Година:
Описание на филма "Picture of Beauty / Прекрасна картина (2017)":
Our story is set in Eastern Europe before the First World War...Stephanie and Julia are close friends in a small village dominated by the church, a naked swim together on a hot summers day ignites passions in both of them. Julia wants to find a romantic prince to rescue her from her unhappy family, Stephanie to experience all life has to offer. When Julia’s father hears of her sexual transgression she is sadistically punished…Beautiful Taylor Sands and Daniella Rosa star in this visually alluring story with original wonderful melodious music.

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